SweetLife Festival – Columbia, MD – 5.1.2011

So this past weekend we drove out to Columbia, Maryland for the SweetLife Festival.  The main motivator for making the trip was that The Strokes were headlining. But the rest of the lineup was pretty good as well. I had not heard of half of the bands before.

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Modern Man – They didn’t stick in my memory, but I didn’t hate them.

U.S. Royalty – Very cool, very 70’s, very high energy and entertaining. Definitely check them out.

Walk The Moon – Also, very high energy. I liked them, but the hipster face paint was killing me. Yes, I know that doesn’t affect the music, but it bothered me okay…it just did.

Theophilus London – Entertaining, gets your attention. Rap and guitars, but not the Limp Bizkit kind.

Ra Ra Riot – Deceitful name. They’re very mellow. Too mellow at times.

Cold War Kids – Why have I heard so much about this band? Yawn. Am I being too harsh? A lot of my friends seem to like them. Maybe I’ll give them another listen.

Crystal Castles – Needless to say, Alice Glass sounds much better in recordings. I think you can only really enjoy Crystal Castles’ live shows if you’re a big fan of their music before you see them. Otherwise you’re just like, what.the.hell.is.this? Their set was very short, I think Alice fell and hit her head. But I’m not sure.

Lupe Fiasco – I had heard his live shows were fun. I’m not a big fan of rap, but I really enjoyed his set. He definitely captivates the audience. Out of everyone, I think he got the crowd going the most. He really puts his all into his performance, which is something I always enjoy. And…it was nice to hear a talented rapper who wasn’t trashing women for a change.

Girl Talk – A DJ, playing every popular rap/pop/rock song you love. To quote my sister, ‘It’s like he bought every Now That’s What I Call Music! cd ever made and mixed them all’. The crowd seemed to be having fun and yes, it was a fun dance party kind of thing. But I couldn’t help thinking that it was like going to a club and staring longingly at the VIP section.

He had 25% of the VIP section on stage dancing while people and machines made a huge mess of confetti and toilet paper on everyone. Which is ironic, considering that it was a ‘green’ festival. Actually, even the festival workers themselves were handing out flyers or something that all ended up on the grass EVERYWHERE. Tsk, tsk, tsk.

But we had fun, the music was better overall than most of the shows we’ve been too. And of course, it’s always great to end a night with The Strokes

One comment

  1. Zohra Alnoor

    HAHAA!! i love your review. i agree about Crystal Castles 100%! My friends who had never heard them thought I was crazy for liking “screechy music” but when i showed them a recorded version of their song, they kept saying that they didn’t get why she was screaming if she could have easily sang like this!
    Lupe was amaaaazing! I loved the message he brought forth, about love and peace. I am NOT a big fan of rap, but with Lupe, he’s not a “dirty” rapper and that’s particularly why i love his music 🙂
    US Royalty were awesome! AND they’re from my area!! woot woot!!
    Overall, great post! You said it all! 🙂

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