Northside Festival – Day 1 – Tiny Victories & Beggars In A New Land @ 285 Kent – 6.16.2011

After a couple of weeks of absentmindedly studying the overwhelming, anxiety inducing Northside Festival schedule, I settled on heading over to Bruar Falls to check out Seapony and The Secret History.  Mostly because SPIN had recommended the latter.

However, my friend was assigned to work the show at 285 Kent Ave. and I figured the other show would get enough attention, so I stuck around.  Besides, 285 Kent Ave. had a section dedicated to Babycastles arcade games, that sealed the deal.

There were some cancellations & change ups, so I will only speak of the bands I saw.  I didn’t stick around all night cause I have one of those 9 to 5 jobs.

The first band was Beggars In A New Land.  They looked like two young guys fresh out of high school, maybe college freshmen.  Just them, some synths, a laptop and green laser lights.  I don’t know anything about them, maybe they’re not new to performing.  They seemed confident and started playing to a pretty empty room.

By the second or third song the crowd had all moved up to the stage and were dancing along.  They were fun and energetic, reminded me a bit of Tanlines.  They were good, especially considering that they were a last minute replacement for whoever cancelled.

Next came Tiny Victories.   According to their facebook profile they are “a Brooklyn via Athens/DC duo, Greg Walters and Cason Kelly combine experimental electronics with earthy vocals, lush orchestration, elements of noise rock and live drums. The band builds simple songs out of complex pieces, which they best describe as “experimental pop.”  That sounds about right to me.

One of their songs really stood out for me, later I found out from Greg that the song is Justine, as of yet unreleased.  It’s a beautiful song and I will definitely buy it when they release it.  If that song is any indication of where they are going as a band, I think they will be successful.  I do recommend you check them out if you’re in the mood to get familiar with the local scene.

(All pictures Copyright Roselyn Fortuna.  Please do not use or repost without permission)

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