Starfucker @ Bowery Ballroom – NYC – 9.17.2011

This band’s name is terrible, awful, dumb.  Poor, poor choice for a band name.  I read somewhere that they picked it as a joke because they seriously thought they would never get anywhere.  Oops.  That being said, their music is great.  And nothing like what you would imagine it sounds like if you were going by their name alone.  They should’ve named themselves Mink Robot or something.  Cause they have four keyboards on stage and their music is soft but not too soft.  I’m kidding of course, but it’s still a better name than Star…ugh.

This show was fun, they put on a great show.  Probably one of the tougher shows I’ve shot because I think their fans hate photographers or something, or just everyone in general.  Lots of excitement and dancing, some crowdsurfing, a few fights broke out.  Hostile bunch in that crowd.  Definitely check this band out if they’re in your area, but bring a shank or wear a bullet/stab proof vest.  Maybe wear a boxing helmet.

(All pictures Copyright Roselyn Fortuna.  Please do not use or repost without permission)


For more pictures click here.

All pictures Copyright 2011 Roselyn Fortuna

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