Foster The People @ Terminal 5, NYC – 9.28.2011

Can’t remember who the first band was.  The second band was Cults, *groan*.

So, Foster The People.  Is it just me or did they just sneak attack into the music scene out of left field?  Just me?  Ok, cause I don’t listen to the radio or watch music videos and I don’t troll music blogs like a music news junkie.  I’m the complete opposite of a hipster, I find out about bands after everyone and their grandmother has heard of them.  I had never heard of them or their song Pumped Up Kicks up until about 5 weeks ago when I was on a little weekend getaway with my friends and completely at the mercy of their iPods.  There was a lot of Katy Perry and some other stuff, then my friend played Pumped Up Kicks.  It didn’t strike me, but it was a cool song.

I probably wouldn’t have ever seen them live, but I got a last minute invite to this show from my lovely twitter friend Erina Uemura.  The show was sold out and the crowd was different from what I usually see at shows.  Lots of bros.  But everyone seemed happy and excited and were singing along.

All I can say is they’re a very good band, very talented, very energetic and DO NOT judge them by Pumped Up Kicks.  I didn’t stick around until the end, because I wanted to avoid the crowds walking out.  So I didn’t get to hear them play their hit, but their music is so different from that song.   I liked them a lot, I would see them again.


All pictures Copyright 2011 Roselyn Fortuna

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