Metric @ Music Hall of Williamsburg 6.13.2012

Metric played a last minute intimate show for fans only at Music Hall of Williamsburg in Brooklyn last Wednesday.  Metric is so great live, that I’m convinced they could do a show where they just play nursery rhymes and they would still be better than 90% of bands out today.  I was waiting in line for the bathroom after the show and the girl in front of me turned to me and said, “They were so good, I’m destroyed, I think I might have been in a coma”.   It was really that good.

Metric’s first three albums basically entranced me every time I listened to them.  I have other bands I adore, but their music was a very specific kind of experience for me and I loved it.  I wasn’t a big fan of Fantasies when it came out, it took seeing them live to warm up to it and even then I didn’t fall in love with it.  By now I have to admit that Fantasies is a fantastic album, it’s different from their previous work, but it’s great.  I was worried about Synthetica because I thought it might turn out to be even more mainstream than Fantasies, so I didn’t listen to it.  I decided to wait until the show and I’m glad I did.  Synthetica a perfect example of Metric’s original sound but with mass appeal.  They are a flawless live act and Synthetica is an album that has to be heard live.


Artificial Nocture

You Without Youth

Speed The Collapse

Dreams So Real

Lost Kitten


Dead Disco


Breathing Underwater

Nothing But Time


Help I’m Alive

Gold, Guns, Girls

Gimme Sympathy (Acoustic)

For more pictures, click here.

(All pictures Copyright Roselyn Fortuna.  Please do not use, copy or re-post without permission)

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