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10.29.2012 – #Sandy #frankenstorm #nyc – Went for a walk around noon.


Down the East River to  Battery Park.  People were out and about, some were even fishing.  All of the Duane Reade stores we passed were open.  Lots of buildings put sandbags out.  Train stations boarded up.  It’s actually kind of nice to see the streets so empty in Downtown Manhattan on a Monday afternoon.  NYC birds and squirrels don’t seem phased yet.

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Metric @ Music Hall of Williamsburg 6.13.2012

Metric played a last minute intimate show for fans only at Music Hall of Williamsburg in Brooklyn last Wednesday.  Metric is so great live, that I’m convinced they could do a show where they just play nursery rhymes and they would still be better than 90% of bands out today.  I was waiting in line for the bathroom after the show and the girl in front of me turned to me and said, “They were so good, I’m destroyed, I think I might have been in a coma”.   It was really that good.

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John Maus @ Other Music – 6.27.2011

This performance was actually kind of amusing. I’m not trying to be snarky or just crack jokes on John, it really was funny.

I think John Maus might be like Crystal Castles in that you have to be familiar with his music before you see him live. I went to accompany my friend Stephanie who is a fan of his music, so I wasn’t familiar with him when I got there. John was dressed very casually, no costumes. No bold, attention grabbing style. He looks just like any other person you would pass on the street.

He had a laptop or something, I couldn’t tell from where I was standing. And he was playing his music and basically screaming along to it. He wouldn’t wait until a track ended either, he would just cut off the end and skip on to the next track. Stephanie told me that isn’t the way he sounds in his recorded music. He did a lot of jumping around, a lot of pulling on his own hair and he was making faces.  It was hard not to laugh.

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Beach House – Webster Hall, NYC – 2.25.2011

I am almost a month late with this post, can’t believe I forgot.  Better late than never though right?

The only Beach House song I was very familiar with before seeing them live is Lover of Mine.  I could have listened to more of their music, but sometimes I like to experience a band/musician live, before hearing their recordings.

I was blown away.

I bought their album Teen Dream afterwards.  There really isn’t a better way to describe their music, that show felt like a wonderful dream.

You can see for yourself…