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The Rapture @ Bowery Ballroom 4.6.2012

The Rapture were great, as usual.  Everything was on point and although it may not seem like it from the crowd shots, everyone was having a good time and there was a lot of dancing.  Or about as much as you could ever expect from a NYC audience.

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Fiona Apple @ Music Hall of Williamsburg 3.23.2012

I went to both of Fiona’s NYC shows.  The Music Hall of Williamsburg show and the Bowery Ballroom show two nights later.  I have a lingering obsession with her from my adolescence.  I don’t listen to her every day, but when I found out she was finally playing some small venues here, all reason left me and I went ahead and bought some ridiculously over priced tickets on ebay and StubHub, the ticketmaster sale sold out in an impossible matter of nano seconds.

I will only be posting pictures from the first night.  The second night I ended up in an awful spot behind some people who I am sure were around 7 feet tall and I couldn’t see, much less take pictures.

She was perfect.  The new songs were as good or better than I expected.  Can’t wait to buy the album.

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Yeah Yeah Yeahs @ Brooklyn Bowl – Jonathan Toubin Benefit 12.16.2011

They played about six songs.  It was great and fun, but I’m glad I didn’t travel from another state for it like some people did, for such a short set.

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Florence + The Machine @ the Archway, DUMBO, NYC for Creators Project -10.15.2011

I finally got to see Florence + The Machine perform during the Creators Project event in Brooklyn on Saturday.  It was worth the wait, she has one of those voices that seems larger than her.  I’m sure the fact that we were under the arch of the Manhattan Bridge added to the great sound.  I heard it wasn’t so great in the back, but up near the front it was perfect.  I didn’t have a photo pass but I brought my camera anyway and got some pretty decent pictures from about 50 feet away, thank you 70-300mm lens.  They’re all from the same angle, couldn’t move around cause it was packed and I was stuck against a wall behind some tall people.

This show was fantastic and in a beautiful setting.  The Creators Project really outdid themselves this year.  Can’t wait to see what they have in store next year.

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Starfucker @ Bowery Ballroom – NYC – 9.17.2011

This band’s name is terrible, awful, dumb.  Poor, poor choice for a band name.  I read somewhere that they picked it as a joke because they seriously thought they would never get anywhere.  Oops.  That being said, their music is great.  And nothing like what you would imagine it sounds like if you were going by their name alone.  They should’ve named themselves Mink Robot or something.  Cause they have four keyboards on stage and their music is soft but not too soft.  I’m kidding of course, but it’s still a better name than Star…ugh.

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Guided by Voices – Northside Festival 2011 – Day 3 – 6.18.2011

People literally went nuckin futs at this show.  That’s the only way to describe it.  Three encores.  There’s not a lot to say, it was as good as a show can get.  Younger bands can learn a lot about putting on an energetic live show from these guys.

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