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Brand New @ The House of Blues, Atlantic City, NJ 12.31.2011

What a way to end 2011 and begin 2012. I never go out on new years eve. Ever. I hate the crowds and the drunkards. So I have always stayed home and been home before midnight. This year, not only did I go out, but I went to New Jersey. We didn’t even book a hotel because it was so over priced. We just bought our roundtrip bus tickets and headed out.

The show started at about 10:15pm, no opening band (yay!), they had a brief intermission ‘to go practice Your Favorite Weapon (their words) at around 10:45. Came back on around 11:15 and played until 12:45 am.

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Brand New @ The Paramount, Huntington, NY 11.27.2011

I have Bieber fever for Brand New.

The year isn’t over, but Brand New at the Paramount in Huntington, NY tonight was the best show I’ve been to all year.  Nice sized venue, although the sound could have been much better.  The band was great, energetic and having fun.  They interacted with the fans, which is always great.  And the setlist was a dream.  They played Vices & Gasoline back to back, I don’t know how I didn’t faint.

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Foster The People @ Terminal 5, NYC – 9.28.2011

Can’t remember who the first band was.  The second band was Cults, *groan*.

So, Foster The People.  Is it just me or did they just sneak attack into the music scene out of left field?  Just me?  Ok, cause I don’t listen to the radio or watch music videos and I don’t troll music blogs like a music news junkie.  I’m the complete opposite of a hipster, I find out about bands after everyone and their grandmother has heard of them.  I had never heard of them or their song Pumped Up Kicks up until about 5 weeks ago when I was on a little weekend getaway with my friends and completely at the mercy of their iPods.  There was a lot of Katy Perry and some other stuff, then my friend played Pumped Up Kicks.  It didn’t strike me, but it was a cool song.

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The Rapture @ Webster Hall, NYC – 9.23.2011


Let’s pretend they didn’t have an opening band.

I’ve heard of The Rapture over the years, but I’ve never listened to their music.  How is that possible you ask?  Do you live in a cave Roselyn?  In a way I do.  Stephanie told me we had to go to this show, so of course I went and wow.  Wow. wOw.  She told me they’ve had better crowds, which is cool, but I didn’t really care cause I was blown away before they were halfway into the first song on their setlist, In The Grace of Your Love.  I bought their latest album of the same name right after the show, it’s a great album, but you have to see this band live.  See them.  This is one of those bands where a recording just isn’t enough.

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Vice.com Launch Party @ One Hanson Place, Brooklyn, NY – 9.15.2011

I managed to get into the Vice.com launch party two weeks ago.  It was mostly a media event with only a handful of actual fans getting in.  I think it would have been a lot livelier if there had been more music fans there, too many people were just standing around looking like they were too jaded to be excited about getting into this spectacular event, but it was cool nonetheless.  I stuck around to watch Tanlines and Death From Above 1979 perform.

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John Maus @ Other Music – 6.27.2011

This performance was actually kind of amusing. I’m not trying to be snarky or just crack jokes on John, it really was funny.

I think John Maus might be like Crystal Castles in that you have to be familiar with his music before you see him live. I went to accompany my friend Stephanie who is a fan of his music, so I wasn’t familiar with him when I got there. John was dressed very casually, no costumes. No bold, attention grabbing style. He looks just like any other person you would pass on the street.

He had a laptop or something, I couldn’t tell from where I was standing. And he was playing his music and basically screaming along to it. He wouldn’t wait until a track ended either, he would just cut off the end and skip on to the next track. Stephanie told me that isn’t the way he sounds in his recorded music. He did a lot of jumping around, a lot of pulling on his own hair and he was making faces.  It was hard not to laugh.

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The Strokes – Jazz Fest, New Orleans, LA – 5.7.2011

We flew out to New Orleans for a mini vacation and we saw The Strokes at Jazz Fest. It was insanely hot out. The set up was awful, 20 feet of VIP section between the crowd and the stage. And the VIP section were sooo dead, they mostly emptied out before the set was even over.  But The Strokes were great, better than at Sweetlife in Maryland, so we had a great time. It was worth burning in the sun.

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