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The Action Design – Mulcahy’s, Wantagh, NY – 8.3.2010

On Tuesday night I ventured out to Long Island to Mulcahy’s in Wantagh to see The Action Design open for Dan Sartain and Social Distortion.

Unfortunately I only got to stay to see The Action Design because I had work the next day and had to catch an early train back to the city, however, just getting to see them was worth the trip.

Anyone who has been to many rock concerts knows that often, the opening band can be a pretty grueling form of torture.  At times, I have even thought that perhaps the headlining band has picked the most horrible opening band they could find to set the bar for the night extremely low.  So that by the time they come on stage the crowd is so miserable that anything the headlining band does is a major improvement and seems like the most epic concert ever.

That being said, this was NOT one of those concerts.  The venue was crowded, the show was sold out and anyone who did not arrive early missed a great opening band.  I have seen The Action Design several times in smaller venues, so it was great to get to see them at Mulcahy’s which is a medium sized concert hall.  Their energy was great, their performance was on point and I couldn’t help dancing and singing along to the music.

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I recorded a video of them performing one of their new singles, Still Standing.  Unfortunately I cut it off a little too soon, so you can’t hear the enthusiastic applause at the end.  But it’s worth checking out.

The crowd was mostly men in their mid 20’s and up, which can be a tough crowd for a band with a female vocalist.  But on this occasion you could tell that the crowd was genuinely pleased with the opening band.  Everyone was paying attention,  I walked around the venue during their performance because I was taking pictures and I noticed everyone was really into them.  They definitely made some new fans at this show.

The Action Design recently released a limited edition 7 inch vinyl with two new singles, Desperation and Still Standing.  If you haven’t yet, you can hear them here.

500 copies of the vinyl were pressed and in all of about two weeks the vinyl has already sold out online.  When I spoke to front woman Emily Whitehurst after the show, she informed me there are about 100 copies left that the band are selling on tour.  So if you happen to see them, don’t hesitate to get yourself a copy.  If vinyl isn’t your thing, they are also selling download cards for the two new singles.

If you haven’t heard The Action Design yet, you should definitely check them out.   And if you’re going to see Social Distortion on their current tour, get there early so you don’t miss The Action Design‘s set.  You won’t be disappointed.

– Roselyn Fortuna

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